Beato Bongco

Full-stack Natural Language Processing and Web Engineering

Hi, I’m Beato and I’ve been building software for the last 10 years, mostly in Python and Javascript.

I am deeply interested in artificial intelligence and user interfaces (see: toy projects).

I worked as a senior product engineer building natural language, information retrieval, and machine learning systems at Thinking Machines for 2 years.

Before that I was senior full-stack web engineer + head of UI and operations at Insync for 5 years. There I led a UI engineering team building a cross-platform desktop application in React, built an analytics dashboard, and improved development and onboarding processes.

I've also been consulting for businesses since I was in my junior year in university.

I’ve researched, prototyped, built, improved, and deployed machine learning models, frontend applications, and backend web systems to production.

I've worked extensively with technologies like:


  • React
  • Vue
  • Next.js
  • vanilla js

machine learning

  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • transformers
  • scikit-learn


  • Flask
  • FastAPI
  • Starlette
  • Django

databases + misc

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • redis
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch

cloud service providers

...but I'm always willing to learn new things in a jiffy!

I'm available for remote consulting / contracting work. My timezone is GMT+8 but I can work in any timezone since I am experienced in working asynchronously (it's more productive!) and providing regular written updates.

I’d like to help build natural language processing, information retrieval, or web systems for your company, as well as any supporting systems you may require like a webapp, a user interface, an API, data ingestion scripts or pipelines, a machine learning model and more.

Interested in working together?

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