Beato Bongco

Full-stack Natural Language Processing and Web Engineering

Hi, I’m Beato and I’ve been building software for the last 10 years, mostly in Python and Javascript.

I am deeply interested in artificial intelligence and user interfaces.

I worked as a senior product engineer building natural language systems at Thinking Machines for 2 years and as a senior full-stack web engineer + head of UI and operations at Insync for 5 years.

I've also been consulting for businesses since I was in my junior year in university.

I’ve researched, prototyped, built, improved, and deployed machine learning models, frontend applications, and backend web systems to production.

I've worked extensively with technologies like Flask, FastAPI, Django, React, Vue, Elasticsearch, Pytorch, Keras, and Docker but I'm always willing to learn new things in a jiffy.

I’d like to help build natural language processing or information retrieval systems for your company, as well as any surrounding systems it may require like a webapp, a user interface, an API, data ingestion scripts, model retraining pipelines and more.

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing (NLProc) helps computers understand and process large volumes of unstructured documents like articles on the web, emails, documents in the cloud or on your computer. With NLProc you can do interesting things like put a tag on specific kinds of documents, find documents relevant to your intent, summarize them, know their sentiment, extract insights, improve search by matching more than keywords, generate text, and automate business processes.

Here are a few examples of what NLProc can do:

I excel at finding solutions and prototyping them rapidly but I can also make them production ready.

Want to do cool things with your company's documents or unstructured data?

Watch this space for blog posts!

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