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Kata #3: Flinto banners

Prompt: Flinto

If you've noticed the trend in my katas, I really do like motion in design. It seems more... futuristic.

Passive motion especially, which I intend to mean that the motion does not require user interaction to start. I think this somehow increases the user's desire to poke around your page.

I really really like Flinto's homepage. Extremely clean, simple and eye-catching at the same time. The two videos of their app in action really do it for me.

Their site is minimalist as well, a lot of white space. Not much text until you scroll down to the differences between Flinto for Mac and Flinto Lite.

I adore the sparse selection of color (only 2!) and how it's used to draw the user's eye to the important elements (buttons). I am a big fan of color cuing and love how the technique is used in Mirror's Edge.

As I was lazy to look up what actual fonts they used for their banner headings, I just opted to check out what font pairings go good with Source Sans Pro. I picked Oxygen and am satisfied with how it looks. I still don't really know when it's right to pair serif with serif and sans-serif with sans-serif.

All I know is they look nice when paired with their opposites. Sometimes though they can look pretty sweet paired with the same kind.