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Kata #4: Insync data brochure

Prompts: CSS Tricks, Chart.js

So we at Insync decided to make our app free for 72 hours as an experiment and as a thank you (❤) to our customers. :)

It's a given that with experiments like these you really want to track data that may give you insights on how to improve your product, service or business strategy.

So I thought if I was to make a report anyway, why not have fun with it? And so this colorful b*tard was born!

Free Insync Promo May 2016


emails sent

Are they trying? Buying?



Top 10 Channels

The slashes were inspired by a conversation with Steve about how he can never remember how to make triangles from pure CSS while the Charts.js color scheme was taken from one of our Beknowntho phone cases.

The data shown here is mocked up of course, but in production this brochure pulls live data from redis so it's always updated. It was also pretty fun planning out how the Insync website would talk to our data dashboard (called Radar, perhaps I'll cover that in a future Kata).

I'm just a fledgling in the world of design and data but so far I'm finding that I really enjoy this stuff. :)